I may be the person behind the name, but NICK's is a vision much bigger than I am.

NICK's is a team of talented people who are passionate about health, but equally so about indulgence.

Everything we make must taste better, or at least as good, as the sugar packed and carb heavy foods, that surrounds us.

We believe what appeals to us will appeal to many more.

Therefore, we created NICK'S.


I believe in a little bit of "everyday indulgence", not just for your senses and mind, but for every part of your being. From the moment I began to understand how I could indulge in all my previously "unhealthy pleasures" and turn them into a pure, positive, healthy experience, a new universe opened up...

It actually began in exactly the wrong way. My health was heading South. On the surface it looked okay, but I had pains in my back and joints and I was very close to becoming diabetic. It shouldn't have come as such a surprise, given my eating habits.

I was a bit confused about the dietary advice I had learned in school. Then, when I began to research it, I was stunned to find an ocean of new knowledge that could help me. As soon as I removed the sugar and empty carbohydrates from my diet, it didn't just improve my test reports.... It improved my entire well-being. The pain in my back disappeared in just a few months, pain that I had to suffer from for years. And do you know what? That back pain hasn't returned...

After this, my interest in health turned into an obsession. I read tens of thousands of pages covering several disciplines, ranging from nutritional science to medicine (52,000 pages to date). I had never felt better but I was still missing something in my life: the enjoyment of a large plate of pasta, a rich piece of chocolate, or the refreshing soda-pop I allowed myself during warm summer days.

My obsession turned into an idea to reinvent all the foods I previously loved, but had to give up for health reasons. It all turned into a business as more people joined.

Our first products were "promising", but clearly far from blockbusters. The taste was, at this early stage, not very impressive (if we are being honest). In the beginning, we focused mainly on health benefits, but once we managed that, the taste became our primary focus.

When the flavours were better, more talented people approached us. They were people with extensive experience from the food industry. I'm glad they came to us after our period of developing products solely with a health focus. It was the perfect order to do things. Had we only focused on taste from the beginning, we would never have achieved the "close to blood sugar neutral" chocolates we have today. Something that allows you to indulge with a clear conscience...

The people from the food industry, however, put enormous demands on the flavours. They helped us develop our dream and gave it color and shape. Our new design language is expressed in the new brand NICK'S.


Our idea of indulgence has taken flight and the responsibility we feel to make the "right and proper" choices just gets stronger.  The more people there are who indulge together with us, the greater our resolve to deliver healthy indulgence. We love what we do and hope that feeling comes through to you!